Chocolate bread sticks

bastoncini di pane al cioccolato

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Recent months have passed really quickly, punctuated by a few clouds, but mostly by the arrival of many friends from Italy and not only, with their suitcases but with their beautiful smiles that filled our hearts and our days. These have been busy months, filled with a lot of trips to the airport, dinners, concerts and walks to let the “tourist” friend learn our city. Continua a leggere

Hazelnut cake with apple butter

hazelnut cake with apple butter

If you’re lucky enough to have apple butter as a topping, homemade ​​with organic apples, you’ll have the responsibility to honor it at your best. With one pot of my tasty apple butter in my hands, I had to concentrate on choosing the best matching cake. In my head, I was looking for something not too complicated, but not ordinary, and above all, with a rustic texture … Continua a leggere

Apple butter



apple butter

The malicious queen of Snow White’s tale would be very proud of me, because for a few weeks my fruit basket is always full of tasty red apples. Since I already have my Prince Charming, the only things I miss are the Seven Dwarfs… I will work on it. Continua a leggere

Autumn cake. Pecans, pears, candied ginger and grape sauce.

pecans and ginger cake

Some people will disagree with me, but I admit it, I love the fall season. I love the colors and the smells, especially in Canada where the colors of the maples become outstanding. Continua a leggere

Red lentil soup with mint eggplant

Soupe de lentilles rouges


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Do you have any good reason to not eat eggplants? If yes, it has to be really valid. Eggplants are, indeed, among my favorite vegetables, if you review the recipes in the blog archive, you could easily see that they are very popular, even a star I’d say. Continua a leggere

Chicken tagine with preserved lemon


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There are things we want so much, that we believe we can’t live without them. It’s been this way with tagine -I was convinced that without it my cooking could not be considered as such. When I had it in my hands, as a pleasant gift from a Moroccan friend, I admired it full of inspiration and my eyes filled with sweet memories of my trip to Marrakech. Continua a leggere

Lemon verbena homemade liquor


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Included in the compulsive shopping at the market this summer, there was a lemon verbena plant, which I miraculously managed to let survive, despite my thumb not so green. The lemon verbena has not only survived, it’salso growing enough to give me beautiful and perfumed leaves. Continua a leggere